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Opening of first Bicycle Bank in Rotterdam

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Today, the DCE was present at the official opening of the first Fietsenbank of Rotterdam.

Location: Het Gemaal op Zuid, in the south of Rotterdam. In this specific part, only 64% of residents owns a bike, against an average of 1,5 bike per person in NL. If offers bicycles to people who cannot afford to buy a bicycle on their own. Most bicycles can be leased in return for some voluntary work at the Fietsenbank. It also offers repairs and check-ups to improve long-term use of bikes. With this in mind, it's an ideal location for the first Fietsenbank of Rotterdam! To celebrate this official opening, the City of Rotterdam and Ring-Ring donated bikes to the initiative. We look forward to seeing people in this part of Rotterdam having access to a bicycle for their daily commute!

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