Ria Hilhorst

Working at City of Amsterdam

Ria is working as a cycling policy advisor at the City of Amsterdam (Department of Traffic and Public Space). She has a lot of experience in developing cycling policy as well as in working in a wide range of cycling subjects and projects. As a policy advisor she is experienced in moderating political processes in cities and in creating agreements with different stakeholders. She shares her expertise about what it takes to change a car-oriented city into a bicycle-oriented one. Many delegations from all over the world visit Amsterdam for this reason. Since she has collected a vast amount of knowledge about urban mobility and development over the years, she is able to give a broad view on the role of cycling in accessible, attractive and livable cities. Ria has a degree in Urban Sociology (MSc).

DCE expertise: Bicycle network(s); road safety; bicycle parking; communication; political processes in cities; cycling in urban mobility and urban development; the history of cycling in cities.

DCE experience/projects: For the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Ria has received a lot of delegations to share her cycling experience and to show the impact of cycling on living and working in a city. Recently delegations from Memphis, Munic, Brussels, China and Japan visited Amsterdam for this reason.

English and Dutch


Film ‘Amsterdam loves bikes’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOkqTDdtlc4