Nathan Hooghof

Working at Province of Noord-Brabant

Nathan is a policy advisor for the province of Noord Brabant, a mixed province of mid-sizes cities and rural areas. The province hosts the worlds leading smartest region: Eindhoven. Innovation is our key-word and this also reflects on cycling. Brabant is the leading province in the Netherlands concerning bicycle stimulation, marketing and data. Cooperation with governments and research institutes is key to this success. As an economist, Nathan likes to promote cycling as the most efficient mode of transport, combining it with health, social interaction and environment. Nathan is project leader of B-Riders, a successful bicycle stimulation program, where thousands of commuters switched durable form driving to cycling to work.

Languages: English, Dutch
Is working at: Province of Noord-Brabant,

DCE Expertise: Behavioral change, innovation, data, combining public transport and bicycles
DCE experiences/projects: presentations, workhops