Marie-José Olde Kalter

Senior Consultant Research & Development Unit , Working at Goudappel Coffeng

Marie-José Olde Kalter has a master in Civil Engineering & Management, Traffic and Transport at the University of Twente. For the last 15 years, Marie-José has been working as senior researcher at Goudapel Coffeng. Her expertise covers quantitative and qualitative research methods, transport planning, travel behaviour, evaluation and monitoring. She is also working on a part-time PhD-project at the University of Twente, to study the relationship between changes in mode choice behaviour and travel patterns. The last years she worked on different cycling projects, in particular to examine cycling behaviour.

Languages: Dutch, English and German
DCE Expertise: Evaluation and cycling behaviour

Links, recent projects:
Evaluation cycling freeways in Brabant
Evaluation perception and satisfaction of cyclists and pedestrians in Amsterdam