Geert Kloppenburg

Director, Working at Geert Kloppenburg BV


I advise enterprises, governments and transport-companies that want to innovate in the fields of sustainability, mobility and reachability. I brainstorm with them, use my knowledge and my network and I help with financing.

FastNed is a company that I helped by, amongst other things, growing the network of fast charging stations in Germany and the UK.

I helped Felyx shared scooters to become a profitable organization. To help build this noble company I supported them in the process of creating a new financial construction.

At this moment I am aiding the Dutch provinces of Noord-Holland, Flevoland and the Amsterdam metropolitan area realize a new public transportation network in 2040.

I help Arriva win a bid to arrange all bus lines in the Northern Netherlands from 2019 to 2029.

Last year I was approached by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the transport-region of Amsterdam to visualize the reachability of Amsterdam and was then asked by ProRail to design new regional networks.

Via BNR Expert Podcast I will talk with national and international entrepreneurs and scientists during the Kloppenburg Podcast about mobility and innovation. By asking open question I allow the interviewee to tell his story in a way that is approachable to the layperson.