LUMIGUIDE Awarded ProRail Contract

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LUMIGUIDE will equip around 100,000 bicycle parking spaces at ProRail stations over the next eight years.

On October 7th, 2021, it was announced that the largest contract for bicycle detection in the Netherlands (and possibly, the world) has been awarded to Nijmegen-based LUMIGUIDE Smart Mobility Solutions. With the presentation of this €24-million tender, LUMIGUIDE has become the preferred supplier of bicycle detection systems at parking facilities in train stations for ProRail—the public organization responsible for the construction and maintenance of the national railway infrastructure. This means LUMIGUIDE will be responsible for equipping around 100,000 bicycle parking spaces with their optical detection system over the next eight years.

Although it is now the market standard, when it was invented in 2014, LUMIGUIDE’s optical system was the world’s first camera-based bicycle parking detection system. And since 2019, it is the first that uses artificial intelligence. This technology monitors available spaces in real-time; guiding users to open spaces (using digital signage) and allowing administrators to manage their facilities. The online management information module also indicates how long a bicycle has been parked, ensuring adequate turnover of spaces and the removal of “orphan” (i.e. abandoned) bikes—which take up an estimated 20% of parking capacity in the Netherlands.

According to LUMIGUIDE CEO Monique Harmsen, the awarding of this tender will allow them to further invest in research and development of their optical system, helping cities shift to sustainable modes: “We will be working with ProRail to develop the technology to benefit cyclists even further.”

As a long-time participant of the Dutch Cycling Embassy, LUMIGUIDE is active in many international markets, including Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. For more information about their products and services, or to contact them directly, please visit their website.

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